Updates on Known Bugs and Issues

App Name: Bamba Burger
Date Discovered: 17 March 2015
Fix Uploaded: 20 March 2015
Status: Awaiting approval from the AppStore
Description: Bamba Burger crashes upon loading. We have issued a fix and expect the AppStore to approve it shortly.

General Support

I have a bug to report, what can I do?
If you encounter a bug or a crash on any of our apps, we’d appreciate it if you let us know. Do so either via our Facebook page or via our Contact page. Do include a) your iPad version, b) your iOS version and c) your Country to help us better troubleshoot the problem.

What is the version of my iPad?
Visit this link on how to do so:

What is the version of my iPad’s Operating System (iOS)?
Visit this link on how to do so:

How do I get a refund?
If you wish to get a refund, you have to request for it from the AppStore. Please visit this link on how to do so:

I was given a Promo Code to one of Bamba’s Apps. How do I redeem it?
Do follow the instructions here on how to redeem the promo code:

Bamba Toys

How do I delete a toy in Bamba Toys?
The original version of Bamba Toys does not have the function to delete the toy. The newest version of Bamba Toys has a ‘delete’ function.

  1. If your version of Bamba Toys is not updated, go to the AppStore to update Bamba Toys to the latest version.
  2. Next in the toy collection screen, tap on the ‘Recycle’ bin on the bottom left to start the Delete mode.
  3. Crosses will appear over the toys. Tap on the cross to delete the toy. Careful, once you delete a toy there is no way of getting it back.
  4. Tap on the ‘Recycle’ bin again to end the Delete mode.

Bamba Burger

I made an in-app purchase in Bamba Burger but the item is still locked. How do I unlock it?
Take note, the package should read ‘Purchased’ if the item has been successfully purchased. However, if you have made the payment and the item remains locked. Please take the following steps:

  1. Tap on the ‘Restore’ button on the bottom of the in-app purchase menu
  2. If this does not work, try to uninstall the app and re-install it. Go to the in-app purchase menu and repeat step one.
  3. If those two steps above fail, please contact Apple to request for a refund of the purchase. Please follow the instructions listed here on how to request for a refund:

More Questions

If you need more help, contact us here.