Bamba Space Station has lifted off!

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We’re please to announce the launch of Bamba Space Station!

The press release:

Singapore, Singapore – Mezmedia is pleased to present Bamba Space Station 1.0.0, a wonderfully interactive app that takes kids on an adventure in outer space. Fire up the hyperdrive as budding astronauts play make-believe on a futuristic space station traversing the deep unexplored reaches of the galaxy. There are tons to do on Bamba Space Station. Study alien goo in the Space Lab, grow vegetables in the Greenhouse, have a party in the Pool Deck or put on a Space Suit and turn on the Gravity-Nullifier.

Kids combine various things on board to create new objects. In the Kitchen, combine rice with fish to get sushi. In the Greenhouse, plant seeds into the Grow-o-matic machine and get space-grown Cabbage. In the Pool Deck, combine sand with the bucket and get a sandcastle.

Kids can play as seven Bamba characters, dress them up as astronauts, put them in space-sleep, feed them stuff and see their reaction and lots more.

They can drop objects in the various wacky machines and create new stuff too. They can cook burgers in the Insta-Grill, make ice-cream in the Test-tube-Zapper or get a teddy bear in the Toy-o-tron.

There are over 500 unique objects, including 200 craft-able ones, and 150 interactive machines spread out over nine Space Modules in Bamba Space Station, promising kids hours and hours of fun, learning and exploring.

Bamba Space Station will develop your child’s cognitive and affective development by giving he or she ample opportunities for imaginative play or pretend play. Have your child turn each play session into a story, with characters and objects as props, rooms as scenes. Tell a story about Ellie-Anne’s day at the Greenhouse or the time where Captain Birdbeard got sick eating all the cakes in the Cafeteria. Or sit with them and play one character while he or she plays with another.

In young children, imaginative play has been proven to improve their vocabulary, their empathy and their creative abilities.

“Make believe and storytelling are keys to opening up new worlds in the minds of our children. With that in mind we created one of our most asset- and interactive-rich apps in Bamba Space Station. We want this to be hours of fun and exploring for kids. Every time they play, we want them to think it’s a new day in the life of a space-faring adventurer,” said John Ng, co-founder of Mezmedia, the studio behind the Bamba series of education apps for kids.

Supported Languages
* English

Device Requirements:
* iPhone and iPad
* Requires iOS 8.0 or later
* Universal Application

Pricing and Availability:
Bamba Space Station 1.0.0 is currently priced at US$1.99. It is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.


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